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Separett Waterless Urine Diverting Toilets

Separett Waterless Urine Diverting Toilets are energy and cost efficient as they require little to no electricity, and as the name says – no water . All of the Separett products we have in stock are urine diverting which means the solids are separated from the liquids resulting in very little odor and easy care. Our most popular model – the Villa – comes in either 110V or 12V. The Villas are perfect for camps, RVs, boats, pool house’s or anywhere it is difficult or too costly to run water and sewer lines. The Separett line of products also includes urine diverting seats for the more primitive camp or outhouse. We even distribute a camping toilet that you can carry in a bag.

Why Separett Waterless Urine Diverting Toilets?

  • Easy installation
  • Easy handling of end products – a natural fertilizer
  • Appearance is most like a traditional toilet
  • No need to run costly water and plumbing lines

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